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Efficient Document Scanning and Filing

Secure E-Filing

Electronic documents stored in e-cabinets are protected as part of the system backup.

Utilize Standard Hardware and


The system supports industry

standard hardware and software such as scanners, PCs, network, and servers.

No proprietary hardware or

software is required to run the AIS.

Document Control Automated Imaging system (AIS)

The Document Control AIS includes the function for end-users to create and manage customer electronic cabinets providing a

turn-key approach to converting paper files into easily managed electronic files. Custom index fields can be defined by the user to

scan and file documents for easy access.

Low Training and Administrative


The document retrieval and image

display functions are designed to be used from the AIS client

workstation with minimal training.

Advance Folder Options

Allow storage of hierarchical document file structure within each

indexed record for scanned paper documents and electronic files such as word processing,

spreadsheets, and graphic files.

Efficient Document Retrieval

Users (with granted access) can

retrieve documents from their

department or other workstations on the network for easy file sharing.

Key Features of the

Custom AIS E-Cabinet


Powerful tools to let you easily

create and modify electronic

cabinets with customer index fields.

Each cabinet can have separate user access security controls such read only, file, and administrator access.

Ease of Data Entry

Supports barcode recognition for data fields allowing you to define locations on the page containing barcodes.

Includes capabilities to perform

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on scanned documents and search for documents using the defined index fields, OCR Text can

detect and highlight searched

keywords on documents.

Efficient Storage Space

One TB of disk space can store over 1000 cabinets.

Multiple Index Searching

Electronic documents can be filed and retrieved with multiple indexes to

support powerful searches.

Disposition File Plan

The AIS supports user definable

disposition periods for

scanned documents, allowing you to execute automated disposition of documents resulting in significant document management time saving over the life of the document. Allowing the user to specify a particular storage

location such as the

Electronic Records Management path.

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